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Here's What Our Partners & Customers Say...

I have done the engine cleaning at my son-in-law's Audi 2.0 TDI, the problem with which is according to the diagnosis EGR. After cleaning it was then somewhat better, but the turbo came irregularly. Then I removed the EGR. To my delight, it was only slightly dirty and I could also easily wipe it off. Then I cleaned it with brake cleaner. Afterwards like new. Since I could not believe that the slight contamination should be the cause of the error, I disassembled the EGR and found that it was mechanically defective. Teeth from the plastic wheel damaged. The new part is ordered. This was for me a very nice proof of the effectiveness of the engine cleaning. Now once again to another car. 1.4 l gasoline VW has passed only after replacement of the lambda probes emissions test. Additionally gasoline in the engine oil. Since predominantly short distance. Diagnosis workshop, intake manifold closed. Recommend radiating with nut shells. Since the colleague knew my advertisement, I have carried out first an engine cleaning. Apparently this was a success, because he registered with his daughter's car.
One of our satisfied Carbon Pro Partner

Kasza Tibor, Szekesfehervar (Hungary) - Renault Espace 1.9 dci - 2004 - 300.000 km

The owner was not satisfied with the consumption. Since the Carbon Pro service was already used with a BMW E46 320, the performance increase was reduced by 1 liter, and it is immediately asked a question about the service for another car.
After cleaning: The car has yet visible smoke (soot) given - the engine noise is much lowerand the power little more. Consumption also shows a marked difference, as the amount of fuel injected has decreased significantly during the diagnostic test.
Customer testimonial
"Hali. Prove it again! Lower consumption and quieter engine, dynamic driving performance! I can not load the picture, but the consumption of 8.1 l has now been measured with 6.3 l per 100km."

Franz Feth - Vienna (Austria) - Peugeot 307


I used to see similar cleaning ads on the internet and I'm also interested in the real thing here with real experiences and I immediately asked for an appointment, which was a very good decision. The Carbon Pro partner really understands all the engines, not just to power on the machine and get cash.

By the way, I've seen many new things and potential sources of problems about my car, and by the way, not looking at my car with a much smarter machine than my "mechanic" who has been working on it for 500 years and never goes back to it. I've got a lot more for my money than I thought and my car has improved dramatically in performance, the smoke is almost gone and consumption has also fallen slightly! Thank you Carbon Pro!

Dieter Berner - Merzedes A Class - 231.000 km

I was just curious to discuss this whole thing with HHO engine cleaning from Carbon Pro ltd. try. Previously, I had tried a similar service, thank God there is nothing wrong with my vehicle with a Unterwertigeren system! At Carbon Pro, my car has now become much quieter and more dynamic, which was basically a "positive disappointment" because I thought that does not work here either and it's all a fake. But in fact, all my questions were answered professionally within 1 hour, all as a free extra. After a few weeks, my partner's car was also successfully cleaned after 200,000km of service - even the diesel particulate filter with a special Carbon Pro method.
I can only recommend it to everyone and thank you again!

See below many successfully cleaned vehicles

Hundreds of successful cleanings with the Carbon Pro X4 device

All car brands and models are suitable for professional cleaning. Most of them are diesel engines, but also fits on gasoline, E-85, CNG, LPG engines

Most problems are on diesel cars with their EGR or particular filter. Our proven Carbon Cleaning system solve alle the issues in the diesel engines and components.

Quick Service. At the most carboncleanings is  60 minutes the avg. time for a successful cleaning. Sometimes faster and on some car brands and situations needs more time.

Success! In over 95% of over our 17.000 recent cleaned vehicles we could help our customer whit their cars and issues. Sometimes it needs a replacement on engine components, if they are defective