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The CARBON ECCPRO X5 TRUCK – 230V machine for stationary use on 230V

This is a Revolutionary  Machine for Professional Engine Carbon Cleaning. A Must have in each repair shop for passenger vehicles and truck. Cost Effective for every Budget this device is for cars up to max. 4,000 cc and trucks up to 12,000 cc – This top class model is intended for the intensive use, and/or also for stubborn cleanings (DPF, AGR etc.). The ECCPRO Technologie enhance the Cleaning and permits you to access to the DPF resolving Capabilities and Training.

Included Carbon Pro™ Technology services and benefits:

✅ Carbon Pro X5 TRUCK ECC machine
✅ 2 pcs. Activator fluid concentrate
✅ 6 pcs. Professional Cleaning Additive Sprays for quick and reliable results
✅ 1 – 1.5 Hour Technical Training – Live Video Course
✅ 100 pcs. Flyer for promotion
✅ 1 pcs. Carbon Pro Poster

Technical data:

Voltage: AC: 230V
Power: 2400 W
Max. 100 Amperage with 3 step gears 30 – 60 – 100A
Power consumption (kW/h): 2
HHO Gas Max: 600-900L/h
Max. Pressure (kg/cm2): 1.4
Max. Water consumption (L/h): 0.50
Water refill: manual
Water tank capacity: 32 liter
Continuous operation: 200 hours
Dimensions – L x Wx H (mm): 500 x 500 x 900 mm
Stand: 4 industrial rolls (2 fixing)
Weight: 120 kg
Warranty: 4 years (as certified partner) 2 years without training

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Additional Specifications:

📌 PDF Manual Included.
📌 Device Tested Before Shipping.
📌 Authorised Carbon Pro™ Service Point On Our Partnerpage Included.
📌 Professional Standard Included
📌 Worldwide Support in English, French, German, Italian and Hungarian.
📌 Only Original and Tested Machines.
📌 Discounted access to Additional CarbonCleaning products. Special additives and promotional Gadgets.


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Weight 100 kg