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Professional Carbon Cleaning equipment and the Carbon Pro "know how" to perform interior cleaning gently and reliably.

  • Fixes most DPF, EGR, turbo and injector problems
  • Cleans engine parts from the inside without disassembling them
  • Top business model since the diesel scandal
  • Best live video training and 24/7 support for partners
  • Up to 4 years warranty
  • For auto mechanics, cleaning services and career changers
made in EU

Revitalize the engine professionally and safely! Offer your customers only the best and increase your business.
Car repair shops, Garages, mechanics, tuners and car conditioner are already doing it. START NOW!

Become a Carbon Pro Partner now!

Carbon Pro as the only provider with an overall concept.

  • 1. The high quality and reliable device
  • 2. Professional cleaning additive sprays
  • 3. Training with all real cleaning techniques & secrets

The result? A satisfied customer who will return

Start or expand your business and make up to € 10k and more monthly revenue with the engine cleaning business! Choose your Carbon Cleaning machine

4 Years Warranty_ORANGE_1000px

Choose a device for your needs:


If you want to work mainly mobile, away from home directly at the customer or e.g. in parking lots. Connection to battery with 12V

Model X2 | 12V
for cars

Model X3 | 12V & 230V
for cars



This version is for garages, tuners or car care companies with fixed location and 230V connection.

Model X4 | 230V
for cars

Model X5 | 230V
for trucks



For partners with customers of large machines, boats, marine, locomotives, power generators, etc.

Model X10 | 380V
for heavy trucks 4.000L / hour

Model X20 | 380V
for power gens 7.200L / hour

Model X30 | 380V
for Boats 9.000L / hour


The new Carbon Pro technology is truly unique. It cleans your engine, reliably, professionally, 100% safely, quickly and more effectively than other carbon cleaning systems and conventional methods on the market 


Our ECC system is unique and more complete than other carbon cleaning systems. It is based on hydrogen and oxygen - but not only. The special training and other specific products ensure that it works optimally for diesel, gasoline, GPL and CNG. Without disassembling the engine or parts


Already from 45 minutes of cleaning the vehicle receives a revitalizing treatment. The engine will improve significantly. In our special live video training, you will learn how to check the engine and fix problems with the Carbon Pro System as it has never been done before.

See a BEFORE / AFTER cleaning

Some customer reviews...

This service is great. My Audi A4 with about 230,000km runs smoother, no more EGR problems and the cost was very low. Many thanks to the Carbon Pro Team
Christian, AustriaAUDI A4 - 235.000km
The Dacia runs better after cleaning, more power and less noise in the diesel engine. It is like a new car.
Michael, GermanyDacia 1.5 DCI - 124.000 km
The warning light came on and after diagnosis by the CP team it showed a full particulate filter. My leon went into emergency mode. The Carbon Pro Partner did a full diagnosis (before-after), cleaning with the machine and now the car is like new.
Paul, AustriaSeat Leon 2.0L Diesel 256.000km

Over 12 years experience

Trust only the original, that's us!

We are not only the market leader in Europe, but have been engaged in the further development of HHO hydrogen technology for over 12 years and successfully produce devices for cleaning and installation in motor vehicles here.

After around 3 years of intensive development of the Engine Carbon Cleaner™ devices and over 17,000 completed tests on motor vehicles, we have been indispensable in this field since 2015 with the Carbon Pro™ method. Our system is based on ECC technology coupled with cleaning additives, training and knowledge.

For reliable internal engine cleaning, a cleaning device is not enough in most cases, apart from precautionary cleaning. Because only through expert know-how, a device suitable for the application, such as the CarbonPro™ Cleaner, as well as appropriate cleaning agents and specially certified training, bring the appropriate success.

Our team has been busy for many years in Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and Hungary to place the further development and practical application of HHO technology. Currently, we have successfully cleaned more than 30,000 vehicles worldwide with our equipment and technology. In 97% of the cases, cleaning with CarbonPro™ Cleaner can eliminate occurring engine problems.

With CarbonPro™, your customers will not only receive a complete and professional internal engine cleaning, but also an expert diagnosis. You can use the cleaning to solve problems or offer it as a separate service.

  • Fixes most DPF, EGR and turbo problems.
  • Prevents expensive parts and repairs to your vehicle
  • Cleans your engine parts from the inside
  • Reliable and safe inspection of parts
  • Microscopically breaks down carbon deposits and contaminants in the engine
  • Fast and quick service, from 30 minutes
  • Protects parts like EGR, DPF, turbo ect from contamination.
  • A great new way for meccanical to expand business and better solve customer problems.
  • Less engine noise
  • Quieter engine, especially at low RPMs
  • Better functioning DPF filter
  • More efficient turbo and EGR
  • Less smog in the environment
  • Less fuel more MPG / Km
  • Better functioning automatic transmission
Some "colleagues" try in recent years as a free rider with this interesting but in itself serious business any devices and with fantasy numbers about performance and false information such as the "simple reinstecken the hose and the machine does everything by itself.....) try to sell these to the man / woman and make other ECC devices bad to let themselves stand better there. It is then often so that no successful cleaning results are achieved or the customers are then dissatisfied.

It is not the liter capacity of a device that matters

One last thing: The liter performance of an ECC Carbon Cleaner device is not the most important, except you want to clean a big boat or locomotive. But if you need it,  we also offer devices up to 9.000 L gas per hour (model X10 - X20 - X30). A technical minimum value by around 400-500 liter must be given, but the whole concept (device - additives if necessary - training on the correct use for each problem case of the engine) is much more important then the "liter performance" of the machine.

The Carbon Pro offers not only reliable, high-quality equipment, but much more important - own developed cleaning additive sprays and the training program on diagnosis, complete CORRECT cleaning process and subsequent satisfied customer loyalty


Choose your type of carbon cleaning machine and become part of the Carbon Pro Partner family

Model X2 | 12V
for cars

Model X3 | 12V & 230V
for cars

Model X4 | 230V
for cars

Model X5 | 230V
for trucks


Our equipment and services are designed to work together to provide the best cleaning results and satisfaction for your customers

Best Training

As a Carbon Pro Partner, you will be trained on the latest training methods to provide you with the best possible support. Our support is available for you 24/7

Not only a machine

With Carbon Pro, you don't just get "any machine", you get comprehensive service and technology for real cleaning results. Many promise the cleaning - we really deliver it

Motor protection

With the Carbon Pro method you not only save money, but also extend the life of the engine and protect our environment. Every cleaning results in a reduction of smog!

About Carbon Pro

Carbon Pro Ltd. has over 12 years of experience in HHO gas technology with equipment for fixed installation in vehicles through its partners in Europe such as HHOITALY.COM in Italy and HHOGAS.AT in Austria. With over 240,000 HHO units sold worldwide, the development of the Carbon Cleaner System was now started in 2014.

The founders have been involved with HHO technology in development and practice for many years in Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and Hungary. Currently, we count more than 35000 reliably cleaned vehicles worldwide with this technology.

4 Years Warranty_ORANGE_1000px

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Carbon Pro

Carbon Pro is a system that offers high quality engine cleaning machines with a high content of hydrogen gas (HHO - hydrino) to reduce carbon and other deposits in the engine, combined with various special fluids and advanced electronic diagnostics

How long does a cleaning take?

Our Carbon Pro cleaning system requires between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the degree of soiling and the problem. Since our trained partners perform a complete diagnosis with subsequent power cleaning at your location, the times are a guideline. The big advantage is that you can take your vehicle back after an appointment. Ideal e.g. for cab companies, because the vehicle can be used again immediately afterwards. Conventional cleaning methods usually require 24-48 hours.

What is the cost of cleaning

The cost of cleaning depends on what problems you have in your engine or not. The cost ranges from 70 to 300 EUR/USD depending on the vehicle size, engine condition and the option you choose.

How to book the service?

You book an appointment with one of our service partners. In the menu you will find the partners and their addresses. You can also click here.

Is this a safe cleaning methode?

Yes, the Carbon Pro uses a very reliable and safe method that has been tested in many cars based on HHO. The decomposition of water in H2O into gas (H2 + H2 + O2) = HHO. The gas is introduced through the air intake manifold and burned in the engine along with the conventional fuel. Due to the properties of the freshly produced oxygen and hydrogen (also called hydrino), the deposits and coking are microscopically dissolved and discharged through the exhaust system. With the special additive sprays developed by Carbon Pro and manufactured in Germany, the process is much faster than with other carbon cleaner systems. So we can give you a guarantee for the next 60,000 km

How do I become a Carbon Pro Partner?

You choose one of the devices and packages which is suitable for you and run depending on the package also appropriate training programs. If you have any questions about this beforehand, you can reach us at the following employees.

You can reach us by email at hello@carbonpro.cc or by phone through our international officeat +353 1 254 8635.

If you would like to speak German, English or Hungarian:
Call Mr. Eder directly at +43 677 62769238

If you would like to speak Italian, French, English:
Call Mr. Goux directly at +39 392 9126102


Click below and choose your type of carbon cleaning machine and become part of the Carbon Pro Partner family