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Professionelle Carbon-Reinigungssysteme, schonend und zuverlässig nur mit Wasserstoff betrieben

Revitalisieren Sie den Motor professionell und sicher! Bieten Sie es Ihren Kunden und erweitern Ihr Geschäft. Tausende machen es bereits, wann Sie?

Werden Sie jetzt CarbonPro Partner. Starten oder erweitern Sie Ihr Geschäft und machen bis zu € 10.000 und mehr monatlich Umsatz mit Motorreinigungen! Wählen Sie Ihr passendes Gerät


The New Carbon Pro Technology is unique. It cleans your engine, reliable, professional, 100% secure, fast and more effective then conventional methodes


Our ECC systems is unique and is more complete that other Carbon Cleaning systems. It is based on HHO but not only. The training and other specific Product will make It work at the best for diesel, gasoline, GPL and CNG. Without disassembling the engine or parts


Already up from 30 minutes cleaning and your vehicle will receive a rivitalizing treatment. The engine will improve. Our Professionals will also check your engine in a way never done had been before.



This service is awesome. My Audi A4 with around 230.000km runs more smoother, has no longer EGR troubles and the costs were very low. Thank you Carbon Pro Team
AUDI A4235.000km
The Dacia runs after the cleaning service better, more power and lower noise in the diesel engine. It's like a new car.
Dacia Dokker 1.5 Dci124000 km
The DPF was full and the warning light was lightning. My leon gone in the emergency mode. The Carbon Pro partner made a full diagnostic (before-after), cleaning with the machine and now the car is like new.
Sear Leon 2.0L Diesel256.000km

Vertrauen Sie nur auf das Original, das sind wir!

Wir sind nicht nur Marktführer in Europa, sondern beschäftigen uns seit über 12 Jahren mit der Weiterentwicklung der HHO Wasserstofftechnologie und produzieren hier erfolgreich Geräte für die Reinigung und den Einbau in Kraftfahrzeugen.

Nach rund 3 Jahren intensiver Entwicklungszeit der Engine Carbon Cleaner™ Geräte und über 17.000 absolvierten Tests an Kraftfahrzeugen, sind wir seit 2015 mit der Carbon Pro™ Methode in diesem Bereich nicht mehr wegzudenken. Unser System   basiert auf der ECC Technologie gepaart mit Reinigungsadditiven, Schulung und Wissen.

Für eine zuverlässige Motorinnenreinigung ist ein Reinigungsgerät in den meisten Fällen nicht ausreichend, abgesehen von Vorsorgereinigungen. Denn erst durch fachmännisches Know-how, einem dafür zur Verwendung geeignetes Gerät wie dem CarbonPro™ Cleaner, sowie passende Reinigungsmittel und speziell zertifizierte Schulung, bringen den entsprechenden Erfolg.

Unser Team ist seit vielen Jahren in Italien, Frankreich, Österreich, Deutschland, Schweiz, Portugal und Ungarn damit beschäftigt die Weiterentwicklung und Praxisanwendung der HHO-Technologie zu platzieren. Aktuell sind es weltweit mehr als 30.000 Fahrzeuge die wir mit unseren Geräten und Technologie erfolgreich gereinigt wurden.  In 97% der Fälle, kann eine Reinigung mit CarbonPro™ Cleaner auftretende Motorprobleme beseitigen.

Ihre Kunden erhalten mit CarbonPro™ nicht nur eine komplette und professionelle Motorinnenreinigung, sondern zusätzlich eine fachmännische Diagnose. Sie können die Reinigung zur Problemlösung anwenden oder als separate Serviceleistung anbieten.

Your Benefits?

We'll show you what car companies don't tell you.

  • Resolve Most DPF, EGR, Turbo Issues
  • Prevent expensive parts and repairs on your vehicle
  • Cleans your engine parts from inside
  • Reliable and secure pruges of the parts
  • Carbon deposits and impurities in the engine are decomposed microscopically
  • Quick and fast service, up from 30 Minutes
  • Saves parts like EGR, DPF, Turbo ect. from Dirt.
  • Great new way for meccanical to extend they business and resolve better customers problems.
  • Less Engine Noise
  • More smooth engine specially at low rpm
  • Better Working DPF Filter
  • More efficent Turbo and EGR
  • Less Smog into the enviroment
  • Less Fuel more MPG / Km
  • Better working Automatic Gear
In 94% of the cases Carbon Pro can solve engine problems. With the Carbon Pro Ltd. method you get a holistic and professional engine interior cleaning including diagnosis, so that your engine life will considerably extended.


Our equipment and services are designed to work together to achieve the best results.

Best Training

Our partners and employees are trained according to the latest training methods to help you in the best possible way.


Our strong partner network extends through almost 12 years of experience in over 7 countries


With the Carbon Pro method you will not only save money, but also extend the life of the engine and protect our environment. Every Cleaning will produce a reduction on smog!

About Carbon Pro Ltd.

The Carbon Pro Ltd. has over 12 years experience in HHO gas technology thru it's Partners in europe like HHOITALY.COM in Italy and HHOGAS.AT in Austria with equipments for permanent installation in vehicles. With over 30.000 units sold worldwide, the development of the Carbon Cleaner system has now begun in 2014.

The founders have been entrusted for many years with HHO technology in development and practice in Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and Hungary. Actually we count more than over 30000 reliably cleaned vehicles in the world with this technology.


Book your cleaning service for your car, today!

Click on the button and enter your data free of charge into our inquiry system. You will be forwarded to our booking system and we will use your data to find the correct cleaning professional in your area. There are no costs for you for this inquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Carbon Pro

Carbon Pro is a system offering high quality engine cleaning machines with a high amount of hydrogen gas (HHO - Hydrino) to reduce carbon and other deposits in the engine, combinted to several specialized liquids and advanced electronical diagnostics

How long does the cleaning take?

Our Carbon Pro cleaning system takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the degree of soiling and the problem. Since our trained partners carry out a complete diagnosis with subsequent power cleaning on yours, the times are a guideline. The big advantage is that you can take your vehicle back with you when you make an appointment. Ideal e.g. for taxi companies, since the vehicle can be used again immediately afterwards. Conventional cleaning methods usually take 24-48 hours.

What are the cleaning costs

The cost of cleaning depends on what problems you have in your engine or not. The costs are between 70 and 300 EUR/USD depending Vehicle size, engine state and option you choose. It can only be determined if you have given us the data above in the inquiry system.

How can I book?

You book an appointment in our booking request above and describe your error or problem in the engine. We will put you in touch with one of our cleaning partners who will contact you (live chat or by telephone) and you can make an appointment with your car.

Is this save?

Yes, the Carbon Pro uses a very reliable and safe methode tested on many cars. The disassembly from water H2O in them gas (H2 + H2 + O2). The gas is introduced via the air intake pipe and burnt together with the conventional fuel in the engine. Due to the properties of fresh produced oxygen and hydrogen (hydrino), the deposits and coking are dissolved microscopically and discharged via the exhaust system. With our system we can give you a guarantee for the next 60.000 km

How Can I become a service professional?

You can reach us by email at hello@carbonpro.cc or by calling our international office number +353 1 254 8635.
If you would like more information about our equipment or how to become a partner or distributor, you can contact Mr Fabrice Goux (Italian, French, English) on +39 392 912 6102 or Mr Helmut Eder (German, English, Hungarian) on +43 677 627 692 38.
When you need an appointment for cleaning your car by professional carbon cleaning, then please click on the BOOK A SERVICE NOW button.

If you want to be a CarbonPro™ partner to rent or own a professional carbon pro - carbon cleaning machine click on OWN YOUR BUSINESS button.

When you want to be a Carbon Pro™ reseller for high quality decarbonizer carboncleaning machines, please contact us by email.



We offer you a very professional service with best trained service partner


Our i-Carbon Pro Machines are one of the best in the world with more then 12 years experience


This cleaning service is available up from 30 minutes. You can wait during this service


Our dedicated support team is here to answer any questions you may have about this class


Your purchase is always secure and we always keep your information private...
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